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About Moku Chocolate

 Hello and thanks for visiting! My chocolate journey began with the sponsorship of a child in Nicaragua in 2006 and a subsequent visit to the country years later. While there, I learned about cacao, where it comes from (a tree!) and the hard-working farmers who grow and harvest the beans. That experience inspired the founding of Moku Chocolate in the bucolic town of Philomath, Oregon in 2021.

Dedicated to spotlighting cacao farmers around the world, Moku handcrafts high-quality, bean-to-bar, single-origin chocolate from raw, direct trade cacao beans. Moku’s direct trade beans are sourced from farmers in Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, and Colombia. Direct trade ensures socially-responsible compensation to the cacao farmers and fosters prosperity among the farming communities with a focus on integrity, quality, and environmental sustainability.

Going a step further, Moku strives to share the stories of the communities where the cacao beans are grown to help connect consumers to land and people of the chocolates’ origins. Moku’s single-origin chocolate bars each tell a different story, each with enchanting and unique flavor profiles.

Moku’s single-origin dark chocolate bars are made with just three ingredients--cocoa beans, organic sugar, and organic cocoa butter—and are also vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free. These artisan chocolates represent the finest and purest taste of the lands where the cacao beans are grown with a touch of magic from Moku’s handcrafted process.

Maureen Nikaido
Chocolate Maker